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November 10, 2011
At long last my first video is finally complete and ready.....

April 25, 2011
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November 10, 2011

At long last my first video is finally complete and ready for you who would like to learn my philosophy of carving a subject in leather with pictorial realism.  


“Carving the Rocky Mountain Big Horn Ram” is a real time (approximately 2 hours) demonstration of my philosophy of leather carving as presented in my home study course “Realistic Leather Carving”.   I decided to do this demonstration in real time because I wanted to make sure you understand the whole process, from making a layout to signing the picture once completed.  I wanted to show the thinking process that goes into making a good layout and how important it is that you understand what every line represents.

I wanted you to see and hear how I plan to cut every one of those lines (or not cut them) based on sound reasoning and understanding of the form, texture and space of the subject.

I wanted you to see me cut every line because every line is cut according to the form, texture and space it represents.   There is a reason that the cut lines of a subject are not all cut to the same depth and you need to know the reasons in order to achieve a realistic portrayal of the animal.  Drawing, transferring, cutting and tooling a pattern into the leather is much more that just tracing lines and then trying to follow them twice more.  It requires your full attention!

I want you to see that the reason for varying the depths of the cuts is to establish the proper relationship of the forms that you have to build with the beveling tools.

By watching the whole process you should glean an understanding of proper moisture content (leather humidity), the tools, in particular the modeling spoon, and their function in regard to rendering an artistic and pictorial representation of the animal; not just this ram, but any subject you would like to realistically define in leather.

I demonstrate how the stylus end on a modeling spoon can be used to create the wide variety of textures inherent in the horns and fur.

I explain how to achieve greater pictorial depth by properly matting the background.  I will explain things about matting that you probably have never heard or understood.  Over my past 45 years of teaching I have found that modeling and matting are the real short falls in achieving realistic results.  Many just don’t understand the principles involved in these two tooling processes.   This video should clear up most of those shortfalls and misconceptions. 

So here it is, complete with every thought process and detailed explanation of the tools used to make the ram “come alive” in the leather.

Included with this video is the downloadable PDF of the “Wildlife Study: The Rocky Mountain Big Horn Ram” so that you can have a hard copy reference of each of the tooling and coloring phases.


Price:  $40.00

The real-time video “Painting the Rocky Mountain Big Horn Ram” will be available soon (est. late Dec 2011 or Jan 2012). 


If you were then you know I intended on making this video several years ago and promised you a 20% discount. Due to cancer I was unable to keep my promises.  As compensation, I am offering you an immediate rebate of the shipping and handling charges when you order this video.  Due to the way my web site is set up, you will be charged the s/h charge.  When ordering please add a comment that you are and EBC Member.  Once you membership is confirmed, we will immediately initiate a refund to those charges via PayPal or refund check if you prefer.  Even if you fail to make the comment, all orders will be checked against our EBClub database and if you were a member the charges will be refunded.   The only additional requirement is that you must order before December 15, 2011. 


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