Home Study Course: Realistic Leather Carving


Course Description

A revolutionary new concept in learning to carve leather. Paul Burnett shares with you his common sense approach to the skillful execution and artistic understanding of all forms of leather carving — for all levels of experience — from beginner to advanced craftsmen. THREE LESSONS, Fifty two pages in all, printed both sides on heavy duty stock in loose-leaf format that lies flat for easy reference while working. This is the foundation course for more advance courses like Victorian Style and other planned courses.

  • Lesson One: Swivel Knife Expertise
  • Lesson Two: Carving Tools, Patterns & Procedures
  • Lesson Three: Cutting & Tooling for Space, Form and Texture

We also offer the Leather Carving Bundle, which includes all of the lessons on this page, plus Victorian Style Lessons 1 and 2.



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