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Paul Burnett, winner of the first Al Stohlman Award and many others, is a noted artist and teacher.  His style of teaching helps you master the artistic ability in you.

Home Study Courses

Realistic Leather Carvng, Series 1

Lesson 1: Swivel Knife Expertise
Lesson 2: Carving Tools, Patterns and Procedures
Lesson 3: Cutting and Tooling for Space, Form, and Texture

Victorian Style

Lesson 1: Floral Work
Lesson 2: Victorian Figures

Leather Carving Bundle (includes Realistic Leather Carving 1, 2, and 3, and Victorian Style Lessons 1 and 2)

Designing with Stamping Tools

Lesson 1: Tools and Fundamentals
Lesson 2: Irregular Shapes

Books and Pattern Packs

*NEW* The 4 Belts That Launched My Career
*NEW* Wildlife Studies: Timber Wolf
Wildlife Studies: The American Kestrel
Wildlife Studies: Rocky Mountian Big Horn Ram
Creative Belt Stamping 2007
Creative Belt Stamping Book II
Creative Belt Stamping Book III

Project Packets

Monarch Butterflies
Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies
Zebra Swallowtail Butterflies
Purplewing Butterflies

Instructional DVD's

Carving the Rocky Mountain Big Horn Ram

Painting the Rocky Mountain Big Horn Ram



Featured Item:  DVD - Painting the Big Horn Ram


Paul has offered the “Painting the Big Horn Ram Video” in real time so that he can show you every stroke made with the brush and paint.  Paul takes you step-by-step through each phase of the painting process; from the Lights, Light Halftones, Dark Halftones and then the Dark. He explains each process as he makes this animal come to “life”.  Along the way he offers plenty of painting tips and knowledge of the painting tools he has discovered over his 40 years of painting leather pictures.  

Price:  $40.00






 DVD - Carving the Big Horn Ram

Carving the Rocky Mountain Big Horn Ram” is a real time (approximately 2 hours) demonstration of my philosophy of leather carving as presented in my home study course “Realistic Leather Carving”. 

Find out why drawing, transferring, cutting and tooling a pattern into the leather is much more that just tracing lines and then trying to follow them twice more without giving it your full attention.

Price:  $40.00





The Super Bundle

Get 10 of Paul's most popular publications at one low price. This bundle includes:

  • The Wildlife Studies Series
  • The Leather Carving Bundle
  • Designing With Stamping Tools 2-Lesson Bundle

Order the Super Bundle and save $25
Available for download only.

price: $105.00





Leather Carving Bundle

Get the Leather Carvng bundle and receive both of Paul's carving courses for one low price.

Order the Leather Carving Bundle
Available for download only.

price: $50.00





Creative Leather Stamping Bundle

Order the Creative Leather Stamping Bundle and do more with your stamping tools than you ever imagined!

Available for download only.

price: $50.00





Wildlife Series Bundle

The Wildlife Studies show you the secrets of carving wildlife figures, from making incredibly realistic fur and feather textures, to shaping and cutting, to coloring.  The series includes:

  • *NEW* The Timber Wolf
  • The American Kestrel
  • The Rocky Mountain Big Horn Ram

Order the Wildlife Studies Bundle
Available for download only.

price:  $30.00





Designing with Stamping Tools 2-Lesson Bundle

Learn to do more with your stamping tools than just make imaginative borders or enhance carved designs.  Entire designs can be created using stamping tools, and the possibilities are endless.  In this series, Paul shows you the principals for creating your own designs, laying them out on the project, and stamping them.

Order the two-lesson package:
(Print version only.)

price: $36.00





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Paul shares some great tips and lessons on carving leather that you can get for FREE!  Become a better leather artist without spending a dime.  Just click on the Details button below to sign up!

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